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Anti-Money Laundering — Ascent AML

Ascent AML
AscentAML is an enterprise scale real time monitoring & surveillance solution for financial services organizations like retail banks, investment banks, hedge funds, brokerage houses and insurance companies.

AscentAML’s rule based surveillance engine monitors current transactional data, non-transactional data (KYC), and historical data for suspicious trading patterns.

It covers a broad range of asset classes & transaction types like Banking transactions (ATM, Switch and POS), Treasury/Trading transactions (Equities, Fixed Income, FX, Derivatives, Swaps and Commodities).

AscentAML comes with extensive library of analytical foundation & detection models which helps organization to be compliant with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations from SEBI, RBI, SEC, FRB, BSA, FinCEN, FATF, FSA, JMLSG, and MiFID.

Benefits of Using Ascent AML:

Operational Excellence

Eliminate on manual processes, minimizing risk of error.

  • Reducing costs
  • Freeing staff from routine number-crunching, redeploying into higher-value activities

Risk Mitigation

  • Greater Financial Control
  • Standardization of methodologies around the enterprise
  • Able to set risk thresholds, data access and other controls centrally
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements


  • Timely real time Monitoring
  • Faster Processing– a million transactions reconciled in 2.39 minutes (as tested by HP)
  • Intelligent Surveillance Engine to detect and report focused violations
  • Enterprise Solution, seamless integration with virtually any Upstream & Downstream Systems

Fast Implementation:

  • Highly flexible and Customizable via Configuration
  • Customer Specific Customization via Configuration for any data structure, business rules and reporting

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