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Banking Intelligence Solution Platform Ascent BISP

Ascent BISP
Rising economic competition makes it mandatory for every financial organization to have a streamlined, enterprise-wide, intelligence gathering solution in order that Professionals and Stakeholders can be prepared to make rapid, well-informed business decisions.

Ascent BISP is our Solution to that challenge

We designed BISP to create and provide for an enterprise-wide centralized repository for your external/Internal reporting needs. This is our proprietary solution for implementing your bank’s Business Intelligence (BI) project for facilitating:

  • Data Collection
  • Data Validation
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Mart Analysis
  • Performance Tracking & Management Visualization
  • Enterprise Reporting and
  • Regulatory Reporting of Bank’s Transactional Data
  • UAE Central Bank Reporting & XBRL reporting

Ascent BISP is a business-process- agnostic, enterprise scale, Decision Support System that can be out-of-the-box customized for your specific needs.

Ascent BI (Executive Decision Support System) solution offers an integrated, enterprise scale, robust platform for senior executives to perform full breath of business analytics including profitability analysis, performance management, scorecards, predictive analytics, data and text mining, what-if analysis, Goal seeking analysis, KPI rating & monitoring, forecasting, discovering new data patterns etc.

Ascent BI is based on a next generation enterprise scale Business Intelligence (BI) platform that delivers end-to-end enterprise reporting and business analytics needs of any enterprise.

Ascent BI platform is proprietary innovative and first-in-industry reporting and analytics web based tool. Ascent BI supports seamless data source integration, data extraction, reporting, dashboard creation, analytics, visualization, advance cube creation, XBRL reporting, time line based reporting, threshold alerting, RBAC & workflow etc.

Ascent BI solution empowers the organizations to take control of their enterprise data including that of any legacy information present in their propitiatory/non-propitiatory systems. It empowers organizations by providing necessary tools and ability to report, analyze and monitor the transactional data on real-time bases. It helps extract pertinent actionable information from of the huge corporate data which in turn ensure organizations gain measurable business benefits.

Ascent BI delivers on-fly creation of reports (textual /graphical / dashboards /scorecards / KPIs / advanced cubes / etc) which are highly interactive and preserves the confidentiality of information by enforcing using authorizations.

Ascent BI facilitates efficient and agile automation which reduces the cost of human resources (FTEs) required managing the business processes, its flexibility helps quickly configure the solution for any new business intelligence needs.

Ascent BI is easy to tailor as per the specific requirement of virtually any business sectors like Banks, hedge funds, investment managers, prime brokers, broker/dealers, and custodians etc. It is readily customizable (via configuration) requiring no development effort as all customization is done via a rich web based UI. It can be seamlessly integrated into the existing enterprise applications like Core Banking Solutions, custom built applications, proprietary applications, ERP, SAP, Legacy systems etc.

Ascent BI Adheres to SaaS Level 3 (on a scale of 0 to 3) Maturity where multiple Business Process are hosted on single instances, deployed on a load-balanced farm of servers, with each Business Process data being kept in isolation. The configurable metadata provides a unique user experience and feature set for each customer.

Ascent BI is build on top of our flagship enterprise scale framework CORRECT, which ensures the solution CORRECTly Connect, Organize, Resolve, Report, Evaluate, Control and Transmit the processed transactional data to other business systems/entities.

Some of the Benefits of BISP are:

  • Management Dashboards, providing a quick overview of the company
  • Easy to read information in the form of highly interactive, multi- dimensional, web based textual & graphical reports
  • Report Images in 3D Complex cubes to make it easier to interpret complex relationships
  • Mash-up reports making for a more user-friendly way of combining data from different tables

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