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Strengthen your Business Continuity Management

Ascent AutoBCM
Organisations often fail to identify potential Business Continuity risks, due to lack of awareness or expert consultancy. This in turn is leading to financial debacle, operational inefficiency and business discontinuity.

Ascent AutoBCM© increases organisational resilience capacity through state-of-the-art Software solutions, Training & Consulting. It identifies the business risks, analyses the gaps, outlines a business plan, and finally trains for execution.

The time-tested plan of Ascent prepares for the possible natural catastrophes and unforeseen manual disasters, which could threaten organisations’ ability to operate and survive in the short or longer term.

This enables them to recover speedily and efficiently, thus making them adept to sail against the wind and stand tall in a blowing storm.

How Ascent AutoBCM© works for you?

Ascent AutoBCM© helps various enterprises meet crucial Business Continuity Management objectives with efficiency and consistency.

This resilience solution enables effective planning and manages continuity & crisis management processes, through pre-built recovery strategy and process-centric methodology.

Ascent Resilience Product Offerings

  • Business continuity management software solutions
  • Business continuity accredited training program
  • Business continuity consulting
  • Business continuity resources
    1. BCM contractual resources
    2. BCM outsourcing
  • Crisis management simulation workshop

Comprehensive Suite of Business Continuity Management Software Solutions

Ascent offers a comprehensive suite of Business Continuity Management Software Solutions. The software is highly configurable and can easily analyse the impact of business continuity risks, create and test business continuity plans, and initiate & manage disaster recovery activities.

A comprehensive life cycle of Ascent AutoBCM© activities:

  • System Configuration & Reference Data Maintenance
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • BC Plan Creation & Generation
  • BC Plan Testing & Reporting
  • Management Review & Approval
  • Enterprise Reporting & Analysis
  • BCM Program Governance
  • Event Management / Plan Activation
  • Document Repository for Approved BCM documents

Salient Features of Ascent AutoBCM© Software

Ascent AutoBCM©, a web based software, has an inbuilt planner, which enables the Crisis Management Team of an organisation to prioritise and organise a Business Continuity Plan with much confidence and professionalism. The BCM Software:

  • Reduces overall Business Continuity Management costs;
  • Increases BC planning quality;
  • Simplifies plan creation, management and testing; and
  • Improves operational & response capability

Features of the BCM system include:

  • Turnkey services sans no software or technical maintenance for the client
  • Cost effective with high quality solution
  • Embedded BCM methodology with right outcomes
  • Process-centric BC planning approach
  • Role based activity permissions
  • Built in ‘one click’ review / approval with workflow-driven logic gates
  • Process reporting dashboard with multiple report views from a single screen
  • Pre-built recovery strategy pool with pre-defined recovery strategies
  • User-centric customisable plan
  • Facility to generate multiple plan types with one click
  • Relationship views of processes, resources & locations
  • Centralised overview of the entire BCM programme
  • Integrated document repository with approved documents from the BCM lifecycle
  • Enhanced volume scalability
  • Suitable to singer user to unlimited for organisation of any size
  • Supports a "five minutes a month" user interest level, yet generates maximum results
  • Exportable data (as XML) for use in other management information systems
  • Customized to interface with existing corporate data sources of client to minimise data maintenance effort

Benefits of using the BCM Solutions Software

The BCM Solutions software allows an organisation to consistently and cost-effectively deploy its Business Continuity activities utilizing an integrated and relational database, which operates as a content management system.

Benefits obtained by deploying the BCM Solutions software include:

Productivity Improvements

  • Reduces data maintenance effort;
  • Simplifies completion of all BCM planning activities;
  • Reduces time spent on the testing of BC plans;
  • Enforces review and approval for key planning documents;
  • Provides immediate access to many informational reports;
  • Reduces governance and audit efforts;
  • Removes the need for business owners to become BCM specialists;
  • Removes the need for IT management of the solution;
  • Enables real time activation and status tracking regardless of operating location

Benefits / Outcomes

  • Increases confidence regarding organisational resilience capability;
  • Simplifies attestations to stakeholders;
  • Reduces BCM planning costs;
  • Improves BCM planning and response capability;
  • Uses a Content Management approach to business continuity plan building and maintenance;
  • Recovery strategies will be based on known/evident capabilities;
  • Enables BC response capability within the business area;
  • Reduces insurance premiums regarding business interruption

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