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CDSS Credit Disclosure Software System - Ascent CDSS

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Banks operating in the UAE are Subject to the provisions of the Federal Law Number (6) of 2010, regarding Credit Information, which regulates the system of credit account information submission. This Law prescribes the mandatory supply of credit data by any Financial Institutions or Credit Provider.

Ascent CDSS software streamlines the submission of credit data, Business and Technical requirements prescribed by CDSS in their guidelines.

CDSS-CDS is an enterprise scale framework based on a state-of-art JAVA technologies supporting seamless enterprise integration, data cleansing, data security, regulatory reporting, role based access control, transaction workflow, monitoring, synchronous & asynchronous data exchange over a message oriented middleware, exception management and aging based escalation management.

CDSS-CDS can be readily customized via configuration to address complex CDSS regulatory reporting process automation needs of virtually any financial organization specifically Banking, Financial, Securities & Insurance (BFSI) sectors. CDSS-CDS is capable of taking the as-is enterprise systems of an organization they already have, and adds to it the visibility and control of a unified platform in the most hybrid of environments.

Ascent AutoRecon

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