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Ascent DataMatrix
In today’s fast changing business environment getting data is most critical activity for any organization decision making. Inaccurate and wrong data will undermine decision making and ultimately harm the business performance.

Ascent Data Cleansing Software solution offers an integrated, enterprise scale, robust platform for Data Stewards/Custodians to perform full breath of data management services including Data Profiling, Standardization, Correction, Enrichment, Transformation, De-duplication, Encryption, Masking and Integrated Exception Management.

Our Data Cleansing platform is proprietary innovative and first-in-industry data cleansing and mining web based enterprise scale solution.

Ascent Data Cleansing is developed on a single most premise that “Everything boils down to Data” and, therefore, it should be accurate, consistent and accessible at all times.

Ascent Data Cleansing supports seamless data source integration, automatic data extraction, cleansing, match & merge, cluster analytics, archival management from virtually any cluster of enterprise system.

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