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Transforming Transaction Reconciliation

Ascent AutoRecon
Ascent AutoRecon© is a real-time and robust financial reconciliation solution focused on reconciling complex transactions of banks and other financial institutes of the Middle East. The banking reconciliation solution of Ascent provides an end-to-end enterprise-wide scalable solution, thus automating typical and time-consuming manual reconciliation processes.

It’s inbuilt validator and intelligent algorithms allow high accuracy and handles huge volumes of transactions and exceptions in real-time.

Ascent AutoRecon© is highly flexible and customizable for businesses of any size and easily integrates with critical upstream and downstream systems of banks and other institutes of Gulf countries.

The bank reconciliation software is designed to offer the highest level of automation, featuring multiple match rules, rules-driven exception processing and automated follow-ups to eliminate unnecessary manual effort and reduce errors, risk, and exposure. It streamlines reconciliation activities, removing the need for manual entries at different environments, including paper and spreadsheets.

Ascent financial reconciliation solution downloads, extracts, enriches, validates, transforms, tracks, monitors, matches, and stores all transaction data through every stage of the transaction lifecycle. This robust and agile nature helps organizations to improve their financial control, adhere to changing compliances and meet audit trails.

How does Ascent AutoRecon© function?

  • Pre-Reconciliation
  • Reconciliation
  • Post-Reconciliation
  • Exception Managements

Operational Excellence through Accurate Break Resolution

Ascent AutoRecon© enhances operational excellence and increases the efficiency of back office functionality through accurate matching and streamlined workflow.

It’s innovative and high performing matching algorithms incorporate Artificial Business Intelligence to deliver intelligent matching and exceptional volume performance.

It’s exclusive valid exception workflow and platform ensures timely and accurate break resolution.

Mitigate Operational Risk through Real-time Reconciliations

Ascent AutoRecon© mitigates operational risks and empowers the Middle East financial firms to control their transaction data with real-time and accurate reconciliations.

The enterprise reporting of bank reconciliation software provides real-time processing statistics to the stakeholders and helps them to take complete financial control.

Accelerate Performance and Volume Scalability

Ascent AutoRecon© accelerates the back office performance and is highly scalable to increasing transaction volumes, without re-deploying and extending the solution. It’s in-house researched and developed architectural model and optimized server utilization, reconciles millions of records in the least possible time.

The bank reconciliation software has a clusterable recon engine, where a single transaction flow distributes the load across the cluster nodes to optimally utilize the system resources.

Robust and Simple Implementation

Ascent AutoRecon© is flexible to deploy and readily configurable for various organizations in the Middle East like hedge funds, investment managers, prime brokers, broker/dealers, custodians, clearing houses and depositories.

It’s rich web based UI enables necessary customization, where no development effort is needed and can be seamlessly integrated with the existing enterprise-wide transaction management solutions and post-trade settlement systems.

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