Financial and Risk Management Solutions

Ascent Technology Consulting is bejewelled with some of the most preferred and industry-friendly financial and risk management solutions, which are designed to suit the business needs of various firms in the Middle East.

Having more than 45+ years of experienced experts from the financial industry in the team, Ascent could craft its niche in designing and developing turnkey software solutions, catering to the financial challenges of the Industry.

Ascent’s real-time and enterprise-wide solutions are designed to understand, analyse, standardize, and ultimately, eliminate the potential operational risks of an organisation. They increase the operational excellence, reduce costs and minimize risks, thus enabling a greater financial control.

Ascent solutions include:

Ascent AutoRecon

Ascent AutoRecon©

Ascent AML

Ascent AML©

Ascent KYC

Ascent KYC©

Ascent BISP

Ascent BISP©

Ascent DataMatrix

Ascent DataMatrix©

Ascent CDSS

Ascent CDSS©

Ascent ORMS

Ascent ORMS©

Ascent ProMart

Ascent ProMart©

Ascent AutoBCM

Ascent AutoBCM©

Features of Ascent Products:

  • Ready to deploy and ready to use for company of any size
  • Suitable for various sectors & stakeholders like BFSI, hedge funds, real estate, property developers, investors…
  • Replaces paper and spreadsheets
  • Eliminates risks and reduces manual errors
  • Integrates with complex client systems
  • Enables smooth transactions for your customers
  • Supports multi-institutional transaction reconciliations
  • Provides enterprise-wide robust platforms
  • Provides innovative and analytics web based tools
  • Reduces cost of human resources

Benefits of Ascent Solutions:

  • Empowers with transaction data control
  • Readily customizable
  • Scalable to huge volumes of transaction data
  • Reconciliation of millions of data in the least possible time
  • Transaction settlement in compliance with local and international regulations
  • Configurable to any system
  • Faster customer on boarding
  • Perfect validation & verification
  • Avoids duplication with single view customer profile
  • Enterprise-wide reporting

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