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Ascent Partners with rPM3 Solutions to combine the benefits of both risk and performance management; creating a single process/system that accelerates your business performance, keeping you ahead of today’s rapidly changing business environment by their patented products and solutions. With our risk and performance measurement solutions, your company has the clear advantage to stay ahead of the competition.

Advanced R-PMTM System

R-PMTM is the first risk-based system that creates a continuous management process around a definitive “hard-dollar” measure – ARQ™. With ARQ™ three concepts can converge as one: performance targets, risk and results. This advances ERM from an esoteric concept to a "real" performance-based discipline – informing and directing your decision-making for superior results.


At the heart of the System, ARQTM is the super-charged engine powering R-PMTM. ARQTM creates a "5th Financial Statement" – the ARQTM Statement of Risk. The Statement extracts directly from your general ledger your actual dedicated and discrete risk management costs, along with your monitored and recorded risk events. Added to this, we apply our patented method of quantifying the impact of risks that are not directly recorded in the general ledger. The ARQTM Statement of Risk is utilized in every aspect of the R-PMTM System.

Performance Targets, Plans & Budgets

Targets, plans and budgets (Planning) are the literal financial representation of your company's objectives and are the primary items your company puts "at risk". For this reason, the R-PMTM System considers "Planning" an inseparable part of a legitimate performance management process. Leveraging ARQTM and the other System components, R-PMTM uniquely informs and guides "Planning" to align with key risk sources and includes the cost of risk as a critical input that has historically been overlooked or minimized.

Quantitative Risk Assessment

Traditionally, risk assessment methods have been primarily "qualitative" in identifying and prioritizing risks, but since this method lacks direct relevance to financial goals and targets, it is limited in its application. R-PMTM advances the risk assessment process beyond these limitations, to the next level – using statistical methods to quantify risk in "dollar terms". The System then plugs this information into ARQTM. The risk assessment process can now be directly linked to performance management, helping your Company improve bottom-line results.

Risk Management Planning & Deployment

The next step in any risk management process is risk response. R-PMTM uniquely connects this step to performance management by utilizing ARQTM to link risk controls, responses and strategies to your Company's plans, budgets and even your business review process.

Risk Monitoring, Scorecards & KRI's

ARQTM IS the ultimate risk monitoring tool. The R-PMTM System capitalizes on this capability and combines ARQTM itself with the wisdom gained from the other system components to create a customized dashboard and scorecard (including Key Risk Indicators) in perfect alignment with the key sources of risk affecting your performance.

Note: ARQTM is the patented product of rPM3 solutions.

For detailed information on how to measure risk and performance please contact us.

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