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Terminal Management System

Terminal Management System

Ascent Terminal Management System (TMS) provides the fastest, most secure, and truly cost effective remote device management tool for a wide range of users including ISOs, processors and acquirers. Featuring a user friendly web-based interface, TMS can be accessed anytime, anywhere ensuring real-time device management.

Ascent POS Terminal Management System enables the clients to provide multi-functional and flexible systems for merchant POS networks. The system is built on top of a well-defined, parametric, configurable and scalable architecture. The process flow of the transactions and the slip formats are defined parametrically in the system. Besides, it is possible to remotely install applications to POS terminals centrally in a secure way.

Designed to support all POS devices, TMS provides complete end-to-end device management. This robust web based management tool is platform independent ensuring ease of installation and delivers the level of protection that comes with industry standard secure SSL communication. Benefit from a management tool delivering:

Here are some of the features of our Terminal Management System

  • Provides a single web-based view to remotely configure any POS Terminal Platform.
  • Integrates with third-party systems facilitating auto-file building features.
  • Enables clients to configure their own terminals and downloads.
  • Provides synchronized helpdesk and client system view to make support more efficient and reduce overhead